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Social Systems for Disaster Risk Governance Laboratory
Research Division of Disaster Management for Safe and Secure Society
Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University

Our Research Areas

To achieve a safe and secure society, we conduct research to develop methodologies for designing and implementing integrated disaster risk management and governance policies. Based on information science, planning and management science, and economics, we are exploring effective disaster risk management / governance system, especially elucidation of interactions between disaster and socio-economic systems, methodology to enhance effective risk communication and disaster risk governance, and information systems for participatory disaster risk reduction planning and management. We also aim to establish an original information systems design methodology for integrated disaster risk management, in particular by developing a spatio-temporal database as a platform for the systems. Furthermore, in order to build a safe and secure society, we need to establish disaster prevention systems that enable the planning and implementation of disaster risk reduction, financing and other integrated policies in a rational manner. We will take an informational, organisational and economic approach to find out what kind of disaster prevention system will result in cities that are more resilient to natural disasters.

Socio-Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters

Development of methodologies to assess the short and long term socio-economic impacts of disasters, to provide evidence-based decision support for disaster risk reduction and implementation science for integrated disaster risk management.

Developing participatory disaster management tools for the collaborative action plan; establishing a user-based participatory framework for community-based disaster risk management; and investigating the cognitive-perceptual process, including risk perception and response efficacy that households experience when faced with the decision to make disaster preparedness decisions.

Disaster Risk Communication and Governance

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

Conducting research and projects to assess and improve the resilience of communities and infrastructure under the impacts of climate change; developing flexible adaptation strategies to future changes in hazards and society; and advancing and integrating weather-related disaster and water resources modelling and projecting future extremes for climate disaster risk information.

As a student

Interested in continuing your studies and research with us? We welcome fourth-year undergraduate students from the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, and postgraduate students (Masters and PhD) from the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. Please refer to both faculties for admission procedures.

As a researcher

Do you want to broaden your research horizons and make a meaningful contribution to society? Connect with us by explaining your interest and how your research plan can align with our expertise. We welcome anyone to conduct research with us, especially with institutions that can bring collaboration between Japan and other countries around the world.

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Economic impact analysis of a disaster, disaster economic engineering, decision making for disaster risk reduction, disaster risk governance, and implementation science of integrated disaster risk management.
Hirokazu Tatano
Disaster risk communication, community participation in disaster risk governance, and social implementation process and implementation science in disaster risk reduction.
Subhajyoti Samaddar
Associate Professor
Social infrastructure (civil engineering, architecture, disaster prevention),civil engineering (planning and transportation), and climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.
Toshio Fujimi
Associate Professor
Disaster risk management, economic impact analysis of disasters, resilience analysis, and disaster recovery.
Huan Liu
Program-Specific Assistant Professor
Yasuyo Kato
Ayuna Matthews
GADRI/IDRiM Secretary
Disaster risk governance, modelling and simulation, disaster risk and impacts assessment, and decision support systems.
Haris Rahadianto
Program-Specific Researcher
Nozomu Kuroda
Part-time Researcher
Nombulelo Kitsepile Ngulube
Part-time Researcher
Maria Flordeliza Pajarillo Del Castillo
Ph.D. Candidate
Ryo Hirako
Ph.D. Student
Yining Zhang
Master Student
Kouki Ebata
Master Student
Haoqing Qiu
Master Student